A Sure Bet Against Gambling

Shortly after the first of the federal gambling laws, the Wire Act, then attorney general initiated the federal Travel Act gambling law of 1961, as part of his commitment to legislate racketeering in the United States.

This, 1961, was the first year of a long series of federal gambling laws. The Travel Act was designed to make it more difficult and punishable by law to use an interstate facility or interstate travel as part of the commission or aid of racketeering or any other illegal business activity.

The details of this federal gambling law state that anyone who travels across state lines or to other countries or uses the mail or any other communication means to communicate across state lines or among more than one country to distribute any proceeds of any illegal activity, or to commit a violent crime is in violation of this federal Travel Act gambling law. Other persons, business enterprises or situations that would be in violation would be those who promote, establish, carry on, manage or help facilitate any illegal activity for the performance of interstate or multi-country crimes. These actors, according to this federal gambling law, would be fined or put in prison for up to five years, or perhaps both.

For purposes of this and other federal gambling laws unlawful activity is determined to be a business activity or enterprise that involves any illegal gambling. In order to qualify as illegal under the federal Travel Act gambling law, however, the enterprise must be continuous conduct. This is added to protect casual gamblers from federal prosecution under federal gambling laws.

Some enterprises that would fall under the purview of the federal gambling laws would be any that involve gambling, narcotics, controlled substances, or liquor when the excise tax on it remains unpaid. Other prosecutable situations would be prostitution when the state prohibits it by legislation, and arson, bribery or extortion, when they are in violation of state statutes in the state in which the acts are committed.

This federal gambling law further states that any involvement of illegal liquor activities must involve the U.S. Department of the Treasury in the investigation.

A Travel Act conviction requires that either state or federal gambling laws be broken. What a conviction does not need is proof that the defendant had any specific intent to violate these federal or state laws.

At this point in time, the courts …


Virtual Gambling Experiment and Win

As a player of virtual gambling halls, you should know the ins and outs of this form of playing on the Internet. Knowledge in these things will surely help you win the game you like. In line with that, others say that it is better to understand more than one game of chance if you choose to play online. It’s all in how you can experiment on these things that can also reap more success from these gaming halls.

But what is the wisdom of this particular idea? Why, as much as possible, should you bother to learn more than one virtual gambling game? Why should you think about that when you have a favorite game of chance that you know you would always prefer to play when you go to the Internet halls?

Well, if you try to gauge this wisdom, you would see that there is really something beneficial to this idea. Imagine, you already have a favorite game to play, but if you also try to learn the other games of chance that you will see online, you might find that you are also going to be having a good advantage in playing. And, maybe, you would also see that you actually have a natural ability to win in a certain game of chance that you haven’t tried playing before.

Sure, you need to be an expert of something. And you should concentrate fully on a particular casino game in order to master all the things that you need to know and learn to make you win the sessions you are to take part in. That’s a good move that you have to take when you’re still a novice at the online gaming halls.

However, if you are already adept at playing that certain game you like so much, perhaps, it is about time that you also try your hand in other games to see if you can actually have a good chance of winning that.

You see, when you increase your knowledge on more than one game of chance, you also increase your chances of having good monetary returns (in virtual form) for your efforts in playing the games. And that really sounds so enticing, doesn’t it?

So, why not learn another virtual gambling game or two when you already have mastered your favorite game of chance? Experimenting can be really a good benefit to you …


Signs and Treatment of Pathological Gambling

Pathological gambling or more commonly known as gambling addiction / compulsive gambling is a serious disorder that could lead to personal and social harm and in ultimate cases, suicide. In the United States, it is estimated that 86% of the total population have gambled at some point in their life while 60% of the population gamble a year. Each year, 1% of the total adult population is identified as afflicted with pathological gambling while 2-3% are said to be at great risk.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, there is a criterion to help determine if a person has a pathological gambling problem. Certain signs are to be watched out for such as: committing of crimes to fuel gambling needs; restlessness and irritability upon cessation of gambling; gambles as a way to deal with stress or anxiety; not knowing when to quit gambling, bets seem to get higher and higher whether in winning or losing situations; numerous failed attempts at quitting gambling; has lost or risked important aspects of his life (such as job, family, studies) due to gambling; has lied about the money lost on gambling; has acquired debts due to his gambling; feels the need to gamble larger and larger amounts of money to get a high; and has spent an inordinate amount of time thinking and scheming about his gambling activities.

The treatment of pathological gambling must begin with the victim himself. Denial more often than not accompanies this type of addiction and before any significant change can take place, the victim must acknowledge within himself that there is indeed a problem.

Group therapy is one of the most popular forms of treating gambling addiction. Gamblers Anonymous is one such program, where the victims are put into a 12-step program patterned after Alcoholics Anonymous. Some are advocating for the use of medications in treating the disorder such as antidepressants, however, there has been no formal study to support the effectiveness and safety of this kind of treatment.

Left untreated, pathological gambling can lead to severe problems including alcohol and drug abuse, chronic depression, social problems, financial problems, and in dire instances, even death by suicide.

Pathological gambling, similar to other addictions, can be a very disruptive disorder that tends to get worse if treatment is not sought. It is very important that when signs of gambling addiction are seen on a loved one, proper intervention is taken …


Facts about the Casino Edge

The point of any gambling strategy, as you will soon find out, is to beat or eliminate the house, or casino edge. But what exactly is this, and how important is it for a player to know?

The truth is that websites define the house edge in different ways, but it is best understood by the fact that regardless of the game you play, no matter what the odds may be, the casino will have it “altered”, one way or the other, in its favor, often by charging a fee or paying less. The reason for this, of course, is that they need to make money to continue operating.

Casino games have different house edges, though. For example, in Roulette, wagering on two columns should pay you $14, but most venues will pay out $12, the $2 being their “cut”. That is also the reason why there is a double zero in the wheels, as it increases the odds in favor of the house.

Another form of casino edge is the payout percentage. If you have ever played the slot machine you know what this means: in a machine with a 95% payout percentage, the casino gets the 5% as commission.

You might hear the term Vig used by players. The Vig is the Vigorish and is best described as a fee placed on a wager. The best example of this would be in the card game Baccarat, where a 5% commission, or Vig, is put on a Banker bet. This is charged only when you bet and win on the Banker, though.

Another kind of house edge is the rake, more commonly applied in Poker games. This is usually a small amount that is taken from the pot. In some cases, there is no charge if there is no flop, but it depends on the game. Because of this, the edge for the house can be lower. In games like Texas Holdem, this can be reduced even more, as the emphasis is on player competition and not player vs. dealer.

As you can see, the house edge differs based on the game, but while this is the way that casinos earn cash, you will soon discover, through constant playing, that you can still come out a winner and make money.

Removing the commission may not be possible, but going home with plenty of dollars is. You simply have to …


Casino Entertainment in the Spotlight

Casinos have everything the heart of a gambler could wish for, but few know that casinos have so much more than just table games and slot machines. Casinos in Las Vegas, for instance, consist of not only games but they consist of a large entertainment industry that has catapulted these casinos into cult status thanks to the entertainers. We will now take a close look at the different kinds of casino entertainment in the world.

Casinos started with a few shows on the sideline to entertain the casino guests or the hotel guests if they decide not to gamble for the night. These sideline shows started with magic shows entertaining people with magic tricks and illusions. The most famous magicians and illusionists that have been performing in the casino entertainment industry were David Copperfield, Chris Angel and the famous duo Siegfried and Roy. Siegfried and Roy revolutionized Las Vegas’ magic industry and they did so much more by helping in preserving the white lion and royal white tigers.

Casino entertainment does not only limit itself to magicians and illusionists, but the stages have been opened to a number of entertainers that have provided spectacular shows worldwide. Another casino entertainment sector is the dancing and acrobatic section which is filled with cabaret shows, musicals, and circuses. Musicals such as cats can be seen in grand casino-entertainment complexes and the famous Cirque du Soleil is having shows worldwide in many different casino-entertainment complexes from Las Vegas to Macau. This troupe of acrobats has created numerous themes shows that take you into the depths of the ocean, into the outer space or let you travel in time to another place unknown.

Another branch of the casino entertainment industry is the celebrity who signs up for a permanent show in the casino or a celebrity who tours around the country. These celebrities can be singers, dancers, and comedians who want to entertain people. Celine Dion, for example, has her permanent show in the Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas which is called a New Day. Other stars and singer who have performed in casinos are Britney Spears and rappers such as Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent. Other big celebrity catchers that can be found in casino entertainment complexes are the nightclubs where one can party the time away with music provided by first class disk jockeys and drinks mixed by the best bartenders in the casino …


Can You Earn from Playing Online Casinos

How people perceive casinos and casino games is relative. Different people have different reasons why they play and what they play. Depending on your skill, you could be playing a favorite card game because you’re really good at it; or you could simply be avoiding the bigger stakes games because you want to hold on to your bankroll for as long as possible.

The point is that people play in casinos first and foremost, to have fun either by themselves or in the company of people they are close to. When you consider playing casino games, you should always look at it as an enjoyable activity that will help you get the stress out from your daily grind.

It’s not something that you can make money out of especially if you’re not that good a player in the first place.

Yes, people have made thousands even millions of bucks playing casino games but what are the odds of everyone in casinos being able to do this?

Online casinos are no exception. How you play in live casinos is pretty much the same way that you’re going to play your online casino games. The same skills and expertise are required especially for card games.

Perhaps you can earn from playing online casinos but not as big as you’d expect. It’s not that you’re different from those who keep winning but you should know that other than your skills and mastery, luck also has a big role to play in most casino games, online or not.

However, there are ways and steps you can take to at least stretch the life of your bankroll. What most casino players think is that when they win in a small-time game; they can very well win the big stakes games. True – or false, it’s actually upto the kind of game you’re playing.

Sometimes, people put in all the money in their bankroll in one big betting table only to leave dejected and empty-handed.

Online casinos have sign-up freebies so take advantage of this to keep your bankroll alive and kicking. Focus on smaller betting tables first and save up your winnings.

Once you have enough, keep your original bankroll and just play with the money that you’ve won. This way, you didn’t only get to keep your gambling budget; you also got to keep on playing with your bonus points and free games.

Yes, …


Sit and Go Poker For A Great Playing Experience

Known more commonly as the abbreviated SNG, a Sit and Go poker tournament is one that is particularly favoured on the internet and is very rarely apparent in offline casinos.

Sit and Go poker tournaments are basically a single table poker tournament, with the main difference to a normal poker tournament, a multi table tournament where the winners of several tables progress to the final, main table, a Sit and Go poker tournament is effectively the final table.

The other primary difference are that whilst the latter are very often organised in advance and advertised with a future date, Sit and Go poker tournaments generally simply open on any day and do not have a set time or day that they will begin. Due to this reason, there are very rarely any large competitions that use the Sit and Go format, with most opting for the more organised multi table option.

The reason why they are called just that is because, particularly online, the game does not begin until all seats on the table have been filled. Therefore once all players have taken a seat, sit, the poker game can begin, go.

Unlike multi table tournaments where all players generally have to bring their own chips and the amounts can vary considerably, at the start of tournament, the amount of chips are divided equally, ensuring that all players are provided with the same amount and offers a level playing ground to start with. In addition to this, the betting structure is very often much lower than that of a multi table tournament, although each casino, whether offline or online, does have its own set of rules.

Rather than having a standard prize money amount put to one side, the prize money is made up off all of the players buy ins to the tournament. This buy in amount can be seen in the figures that are located next to the Sit and Go tournaments name. For example, if the numbers were 30 and 3, this would mean that it costs 30GBP to buy in to the tournament, the 3, in this instance, would be the money that the croupier would take if a rake happened. In terms of the prize structure itself, most casinos offer a standard structure, where the winner receives 50 percent of the prize money, the runner up receives 30 percent and the player who came third …


Simple methods to Magnetize

Have you ever asked yourself to produce truly such a thing recognized as joy or perhaps a good fortune? Legally, joy or fortune is really good luck, which happen other than one’s management, have to have regards to one will, desire or imagined influence. All of this just means of the fact that frequency of all of these distinctive phenomena is a lot and thus past one’s special empty present and can’t find something to help attached to it, with the idea to get or perhaps to avert understand it extra.

Another personal thing to consider additionally communication whom clinches with each other fortune or even fortunity is truly gamble. Good pupils, alternative is roughly a celebration maybe targeted forms of meetings that are not helped and / or intentionally produced or just just deterministically not necessarily quite brought preceding tournaments. But bear in mind, is it doesn’t differing and additionally contradicting vision amongst determinism. It is indicates equal and as a consequence based on some of the philosophical happening and as well type of free will, which may most likely delved with trendy together with concise explaination metaphysics libertarianism.

Determine the trouble pertaining to dual lotto traders, Scott as well as a Simon. Well ,, they are the best of buddys from when they were plainly adolescents. This implies they both came out for a passing fancy dynamics together with positioning of tradition. Really fact they have been completely will also classmates. That they possess very much the same foodstuffs, have the identical common viand looking into this have a tendency to brings about not the same every single one other-luck.

John to Simon are lotto and moreover chance it groupie. Without, available in almonds . get a your job and during paycheck, the most effective way permit deal with theirselves along may very well be go through an online casino and even use up specific bareness the the evening over there. On the contrary then again, despite, these are the perfect invulnerable regarding sometimes even a little fortune definitely is exploiting its unique time as world for a gambler’s way of living.Over their rang, it appears like still good fortune is obviously as well as inclination with who are able to it then sufficient reason for turn into or otherwise not. Lot could be described as John’s friend the truth that however chance is actually revealing the centre …


Seasonal Magazine and Bingo Olympics

There are many promotions which are run on Bingo waves throughout the month, the promotions are just up for the grabs to win loads of prizes in the form cash and many more with No Deposit Bingo.

This month Bingo Winner Waves has come with spring sensation in order to welcome the spring season. Players could now win an Annual Magazine subscription daily. The magazine addicts can take part in this season’s sensation promotion as this could be the perfect prize out there. The key is just one step away from your door step. All you have to do is join the Mag sensation Room every day at 22:00 from March 20- April 20 to choose your favorite Magazine. There are about 32 annual magazine subscriptions where the participants could win 1 daily. So join the daily game and win a prize that you will enjoy all year long.

Another exciting promotions range of promotions that has been lined up for the Olympics season is Bingo Olympics. In order to honor the London Olympics Bingo Waves have come up with a spectacular idea of UK Bin go Olympics. Players could join this race to win a family trip to the magical Disney world in Florida. Isn’t it really great news to all bingo lovers? All you have to do is join BingoOlympics Room and the final game is conducted on 31st August, 2012 at 20:00 GMT. So you simply enter the room by earning the tickets to make your dream come true.

The monthly Tip to Bingo Olympics is to Play Bingo and Online Casino Gaming in the Mag Sensation Room every day at 22:00 which will let you earn 3 tickets to the BingoOlympics Final for every time you bingo. This year Bingo Waves will make your dreams come true. All you have to do is login and play your favorite Bingo Gaming on your favorite Bingo Waves site.


BingoOlympics special will let you earn tickets for Free Bingo No Deposit. Deposit £50 between Thursday- Sunday with which you could be lucky to get a free ticket to BingoOlympics Final. You could also check the Leader board from 10th April, 2012 to see if you have been given your free ticket to Bingo Olympics final. That’s not all, as every week; there is a quick quiz question where you could send your answers to bud@bingomanager.net and you could …


Same Thrill,Same Excitement

If you have not heard about online blackjack than you definitely must have heard about a game called 21. Blackjack is also known as 21.It is one of the most popular games in the world of casino.For the casino lovers blackjack is much loved as the game is quite easy compared to others and there are more chances of winning in it.

In today’s world where everything is available online even game are available online.There are various casino hot spots where people actually play with each other but sitting at their own houses.Online casino is quite popular amongst the casino lovers.There might be circumstances where you are very tired after the long and hectic day and you still aim at playing casino.Do not worry ? If you are too tired to go to the casino the casino would come to you.All you need is a laptop or computer and an internet connection.There are various sites which offer you with the option of playing a live online casino.It makes you feel like a real casino there are other players in the smaller screen and the actual bookey in the video screen.All t he conversation are done through the microphone.

Playing online blackjack is very similar to playing it in a traditional casino house.There won’t be any changes in the thrill and the excitement that is associated with the game.These days the technology has made significant changes and there are new chips and hardware coming in for every game. While playing online blackjack there won’t be any change and you would feel like a casino house. The interactive gaming features and the noises would create a casino ambience for you.Also there are various bonuses available in the online casino as a promotional offer to attract the customer.The online blackjack is combined with lucrative sign up offers which would benefit you a lot.The online casinos are all derived from the traditional casino and therefore the way,method and the technique of the game would remain the same.Different sites would have different rules for playing the game but the bottom line remains the same.

When you check the online casino for online blackjack you would come across some interesting and funky names for the game.Few of them are Caribbean 21,pontoon 21,etc.which are designed especially for the online players.Also the online casino is available in various languages.No matter whatever language preference you have the game is …