Casinos have everything the heart of a gambler could wish for, but few know that casinos have so much more than just table games and slot machines. Casinos in Las Vegas, for instance, consist of not only games but they consist of a large entertainment industry that has catapulted these casinos into cult status thanks to the entertainers. We will now take a close look at the different kinds of casino entertainment in the world.

Casinos started with a few shows on the sideline to entertain the casino guests or the hotel guests if they decide not to gamble for the night. These sideline shows started with magic shows entertaining people with magic tricks and illusions. The most famous magicians and illusionists that have been performing in the casino entertainment industry were David Copperfield, Chris Angel and the famous duo Siegfried and Roy. Siegfried and Roy revolutionized Las Vegas’ magic industry and they did so much more by helping in preserving the white lion and royal white tigers.

Casino entertainment does not only limit itself to magicians and illusionists, but the stages have been opened to a number of entertainers that have provided spectacular shows worldwide. Another casino entertainment sector is the dancing and acrobatic section which is filled with cabaret shows, musicals, and circuses. Musicals such as cats can be seen in grand casino-entertainment complexes and the famous Cirque du Soleil is having shows worldwide in many different casino-entertainment complexes from Las Vegas to Macau. This troupe of acrobats has created numerous themes shows that take you into the depths of the ocean, into the outer space or let you travel in time to another place unknown.

Another branch of the casino entertainment industry is the celebrity who signs up for a permanent show in the casino or a celebrity who tours around the country. These celebrities can be singers, dancers, and comedians who want to entertain people. Celine Dion, for example, has her permanent show in the Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas which is called a New Day. Other stars and singer who have performed in casinos are Britney Spears and rappers such as Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent. Other big celebrity catchers that can be found in casino entertainment complexes are the nightclubs where one can party the time away with music provided by first class disk jockeys and drinks mixed by the best bartenders in the casino industry.

You see that a casino has much more than just gambling games. Casinos have entire entertainment facilities designed to entertain the guest and designed to make the hard cold cash.

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