Known more commonly as the abbreviated SNG, a Sit and Go poker tournament is one that is particularly favoured on the internet and is very rarely apparent in offline casinos.

Sit and Go poker tournaments are basically a single table poker tournament, with the main difference to a normal poker tournament, a multi table tournament where the winners of several tables progress to the final, main table, a Sit and Go poker tournament is effectively the final table.

The other primary difference are that whilst the latter are very often organised in advance and advertised with a future date, Sit and Go poker tournaments generally simply open on any day and do not have a set time or day that they will begin. Due to this reason, there are very rarely any large competitions that use the Sit and Go format, with most opting for the more organised multi table option.

The reason why they are called just that is because, particularly online, the game does not begin until all seats on the table have been filled. Therefore once all players have taken a seat, sit, the poker game can begin, go.

Unlike multi table tournaments where all players generally have to bring their own chips and the amounts can vary considerably, at the start of tournament, the amount of chips are divided equally, ensuring that all players are provided with the same amount and offers a level playing ground to start with. In addition to this, the betting structure is very often much lower than that of a multi table tournament, although each casino, whether offline or online, does have its own set of rules.

Rather than having a standard prize money amount put to one side, the prize money is made up off all of the players buy ins to the tournament. This buy in amount can be seen in the figures that are located next to the Sit and Go tournaments name. For example, if the numbers were 30 and 3, this would mean that it costs 30GBP to buy in to the tournament, the 3, in this instance, would be the money that the croupier would take if a rake happened. In terms of the prize structure itself, most casinos offer a standard structure, where the winner receives 50 percent of the prize money, the runner up receives 30 percent and the player who came third receives a respectable 20 percent.

One of the reasons why so many people choose Sit and Go tournaments is that they offer a great playing experience without risking a large amount of money, making them ideal for all ability poker players. Furthermore, a large amount of Sit and Go tournaments have additional prizes to the monetary ones, most favourably free buy ins to a large, multi table tournament. Therefore if a tournament that costs 10GBP to buy-in can be won, entry to a 250GBP buy in table may be possible and would provide scope for greater winnings.

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